Charles & JoAnn Lester Library Collection Development Policy

Charles & JoAnn Lester Library Collection Development Policy

The Charles & JoAnn Lester Library is a popular materials library. We strive to develop a collection which meets the needs and interests of our patrons. We endeavor to purchase materials of both current and lasting value.

The Library Director has the overall responsibility for the selection and development of the materials collection; however, staff input in encouraged and valued. Materials are selected to meet patron needs and reflect a variety of viewpoints and opinions. The library does not promote particular beliefs or views, but will provide resources with which an individual may freely examine issues and arrive at his/her own decision.

Since our library cannot afford all the available materials, we must be selective in our purchases. The library will keep itself informed of other publicly available resources of books and other materials in the geographic area to avoid unnecessary duplication.

The selection of materials may be limited by the following factors such as: budget limitation, space limitations, format of materials, and the need for additional materials in the existing collection.  Selection of materials for consideration include popular demand, local interest, literary merit, enduring value, and accuracy. 

Fiction – The Library maintains a collection of novels and works of fiction to satisfy a wide range of tastes. Ideas of literary merit vary greatly with individuals. Therefore, the library purchases fiction in many categories, and seeks out new and upcoming authors.

Non-Fiction – The Library attempts to provide a large general collection of reliable materials embracing the broader fields of knowledge. Legal and medical works will be selected to the extent that they are useful to the general public. We rely on our patron’s interests to also guide our purchases, to reflect the unique nature of our community.

Juvenile Materials – Materials are selected to encourage children and families to discover the joy of reading. In order to meet the varied abilities and interests of children, the collection includes materials covering a wide range of knowledge and reading levels, both fiction and non-fiction. The illustrations in books for young people are given as much critical attention as the literary quality of fiction. We have a special focus on award winning children’s literature.

Media – The Library recognizes its responsibility to provide access to information, cultural enrichment and recreation through as wide a variety of media as possible. Media is evaluated by the same criteria as printed materials. As new technologies are developed, the Library will investigate the appropriateness of new media formats and will acknowledge the need for experimentation.

Digital Materials –Digital items such as eBooks and eAudiobooks shall be selected using the same criteria as printed materials as described above.

Online Databases – The Library makes available a variety of online resources purchased to supplement and enhance the Library’s collection. These resources are evaluated on the basis of timeliness, ease of use, and ability to meet patrons’ information needs.

Objects – The Library’s collection makes a variety of objects available to patrons. Objects are typically high-priced items not needed for regular, sustained use and which provide access to technology or hobbies that are either helpful or enriching. These objects are evaluated based on their benefit to the community, patron demand, and use of library resources, with the goal of increasing access to technology or high-cost items that patrons wouldn’t otherwise have. 

Weeding of Materials

Materials which are no longer useful in the light of stated objectives of the library will be systematically weeded (utilizing CREW and MUSTIE guidelines) from the collection according to accepted professional practices. The Charles & JoAnn Lester Library weeding policy takes into consideration the following:

  • Date of last use or frequency of use
  • Physical condition
  • Ease of replacement
  • Copyright date
  • Authorship (i.e. local or Wisconsin authors)
  • Projected future demand for specific titles or subjects
  • Availability of items within SCLS.
  • Discarded books and other materials may be disposed of as the head librarian sees fit.

Approved by Charles & JoAnn Lester Library Board of Trustees, January 9, 2023